So you wanted info on my VR Setup?

I get this request a lot so I decided to compile links and info on to this page to help share this information easily.


-Disclaimer- All the amazon links are referral links so please if you end up purchasing any of the items listed here for yourself help me out and use the links I've provided as I will receive a small portion from the referral.

tips & Info

I've curated my setup to my preferences so there's a lot of room here to be adjusted to yours. Personally id like to say I'm a huge fan of the wireless setup its worth it 100% because I find having a headset cable to be the bane of my existence when I'm in VR. That said if the cable does not bother you and you're in the market for a headset just go straight to getting the Valve Index if you can afford it. It offers a much better experience than the Vive or Rift. Personally Ill be switching to a Index once a wireless solution comes to the market for it.

While we are on the topic of wireless lets talk about that. The wireless adapter comes in at a whopping $300 and requires a PCI slot and beefy CPU. A good CPU is needed to handle the compression of sending your video and audio information to the headset, and it uses WiGig to do this so it requires a PCI slot on your mobo that attaches to a external sensor that you can mount on top of your monitor or high up on the wall with a security cam mount pointed in the direction of your play area.

One of the down sides to the wireless setup is that the adapter can get really hot and feel uncomfortable. I've noticed that after using it for a while you actually don't even notice the heat anymore. But to help keep it cool I've included a link to a 40mm USB Fan above. I affixed mine on top of the vent holes on the adapter using a strong double sided foam adhesive that I cut a circle out to the size of the fan frame. I simply routed the cables out of the way and plugged it into attachment USB on the headset. I recommend leaving the fan speed on low due to the noise the fan makes, as med or high is quite audible even with the deluxe audio strap coving the ears.


Its also a good idea in general to do this 'mod' as the wireless can be prone something everyone calls gray screen. Its undoubtedly the biggest con of going wireless as its an annoying little thing that happens randomly where your video just cuts to a gray screen but you can still hear and talk in VR. Luckily this passes after just a few seconds. I find if it goes on for more than 5-10 seconds just unplug the headset from the battery wait a second then plug it back in (I use the sound of the fan revving down to determine this) Its speculated its a heating issue that causes this, but honestly its just feels really random. Luckily it only happens maybe 3-4 times in a 5-7hour period on my end. There's a debug tool that shows the temp of the adapter and I can confirm that this fan mod offers a substantial thermal benefit compared to it just being bare. So definitely worth it if you go the wireless setup route. One small tip that may or may not be a placebo is setting the Vive Wireless Application to Run as Admin when launched. Other and myself definitly feel like the gray screens happened way less once we started doing this, but theres no real metric to measure if it does anything for that.


The battery thats included with the adapter is a measly 10,000mAh battery and gives you about 2.5 hours of life at best. If youre into VRChat or longer gaming sessions in VR you'll know thats just not long enough. Luckily the 20,000mAh batteries with QC 3.0 by Anker

are longer and work with the headset. Something about these banks give the right power out-put that the adapter looks for in order to start up. There are many other QC 3.0 batteries that in theory should work with the headset but don't. The one linked in particular is tried and true and confirmed to power the headset when plugged in the middle USB QC3.0 port. These batteries are great because they last about 5.5hrs and if you have two of them its as easy as swapping out the battery and tossing it on the charger. Speaking of charger the Anker Fast Charger linked gets these power banks back up to full charge in no time. In fact, by the time you deplete your second battery the first one has fully charged, so other than limitations like the controllers dying or your full body trackers running out of juice, you can basically treat wireless just like you would having a wired as far as being concerned about running out of power. Its for that reason I strongly recommend you purchase two of these batteries and the fast charger. The default method to the wireless adapter gives you a belt clip to hold the battery on your waist as well as a long 3.0 cable. I greatly dislike this as I do lay down a bit in VRChat and it gets in the way when you twist and turn. I personally opted to mount the battery to the back of my headset using two zipties that cut to length and just slide the battery in and out of with a bit of finesse as they do hold it snug even with fast head movements. I use a the linked 1.5ft short usb 3.0 cable to keep things tidy and out of the way. This method does weigh the headset considerably and many do not have the neck for it. A close friend personally told me she uses a fanny pack as the longer batteries dont work well with the belt clip. So that might be the way to go for you.


Okay thats enough about wireless adapter. Lets talk about the tracker pucks. These little things are what you attach to your waist, and feet to get full body tracking. They are extremely niche in the VR market though as VERY few games make use of them, and they cost $100 a piece. So that being said chances are the most use you will get out of these are VRChat, unless you plan to kick zombies in Arizona Sunshine, or badies in Blade and Sorcery, or mod VR Skyrim to kick people in their knees then you really have to ask yourself if they are worth it? Do you find yourself spending hours a day, every day, for weeks or months on VRChat? Then yes I suppose you'll get your monies worth. Do you plan on trying to dance or do you want that extra layer of immersion in the game? Then yeah definitely. But if you're not doing any of that and you just want it as a gimmick spare yourself the $300 and play without them. Personally speaking I've used mine so much its impossible to play vrchat without them on, as my brain is so accustomed to seeing my feet move while in game, that if im moving my legs and feet and I cant see them move in game it cause me discomfort mentally. So fair warning that can happen to ya. To keep my legs in the game longer I use the Track Strap Plus straps linked above as these straps have a power bank built in them to help keep the battery on the pucks going longer than designed by default they only last 4 hours, but with these straps plus a full battery charge you get about 14hours worth of tracking time, more than enough for a normal VRChat session!


Now that our headset and trackers have enough juice to last long gaming sessions what about the controllers? Well sadly there is no easy method for this, but what I've done and used magnetic charging cables basically little nibs that plug into my controllers charge port. By having a pair of cables next to my bed when the time comes to charge my controllers and I'm just chilling laying down in VRChat then I can just toss the cables onto the nibs and charge my controllers without the fuss of trying to find the plugs with the headset on. In addition to this I also have another set of cables that are on my controller mount that I had 3D printed so I can basically just set my controllers in the indents and they charge without needing to be plugged in like normal. Its super convenient. Heads up I linked the USB-C cables as those are for the index controllers for Vive wand controllers you will need micro-USB cables. Also note the Index controllers work while charging so you could use something like a 1500mAh battery to charge them while in use, however the vive wands do not function when in charging mode.


If you been on VRChat enough then you will be no stranger to the microphone quality of the vive. Its not great but its there and it works. But if you're looking for something a bit more clearer and want to sound nicer to peoples ears then I suggest the Antlion Wireless ModMic listed above. Has a 12hr charge and sounds insanely better than the stock headset mic. Definitely a must if you plan to stream VR in my opinion. Other than that not much to say on this subject.



So if you're like me and tend to breakout on your face easily then I recommend switching to a PU Leather face mask replacement. The stock one with over time is foam and cloth and soaks up all your sweat, oils, and dirt. It gets nasty quick. With the PU leather ones you can wipe off easily with a sanitary wipe and keep things nice and hygienic. I've been using these since my rift days and could not live without them. They don't cost too much and are worth trying. One downside is because its PU Leather it doesnt soak up your sweat like the stock mask does so you will notice that a bit more, but at least you dont have a dirty face mask anymore.